Modulated Lasers

 Main functionalityWavelengthOutput powerAnalogue modulation capabilityDigital modulation capability
150/500 High speed modulated diode lasers for OEM use 375-1060nm up to 500mW up to 1MHz 150MHz (TTL) 500MHz (PECL/LVDS)
DC180 Modulated diode lasers with two modulation inputs for fast modulation between 4 different output powers 375-1060nm up to 1000mW two input lines up to 1MHz two input lines up to 180MHz
PS350 Modulated diode lasers with programmable pulse-shape 375-1060nm up to 1000mW peak power control bandwidth limited to 1.5Hz up to 350MHz HF-interface with prog. trigger-level
A350 Modulated diode lasers with high speed analogue modulation up to 350MHz 375-1060nm up to 500mW up to 350MHz up to 500MHz HF-interface with prog. trigger-level
TA Deepstar Modulated diode lasers with 100% modulation depth for scientific and OEM use 375-1060nm up tp 500mW up to 15MHz up to 200MHz HF-interface with prog. trigger-level